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A center for praise and worship, for knowledge and understanding of God’s Word, and for helping people to find their purpose.

Non-denominational Church in Crawford, MS

Pleasant Ridge House of Worship Ministries is a charismatic, Non-Denominational Word Church in Crawford, MS. Our mission is to make sure everyone, regardless of race, feels welcome within our doors. Our purpose is to promote, sponsor, and support the Gospel's ministry and mission by educating individuals. Pleasant Ridge House of Worship was birthed out of a transitional period of leadership change when Apostle Donna Anthony/Overseer James Anthony became the new pastors of Pleasant Ridge MB Church in 2006. We’ve been active in the community for more than 14 years and invite you to join our mission!

Our Vision

  • To continually be relevant to our members and the communities that we serve.

  • To become a viable source for hope, information and resources in the community for salvation, information and physical and spiritual well-being.

Our Mission

We The People, Of Pleasant Ridge House of Worship, Are Dedicating Ourselves Daily To unite With The Mission Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ.

We will devote ourselves to be the church called forth by Jesus to cross all man made boundaries, because The Lord’s Mission Was That All Be Made One; And he gave His Life TO bring about that mission for All Men.

We Will devote to the service of Others To Bring about His mission To Everyone That Will Hear His Voice Through Love And Ministry.

WE ARE devoted to equipping and educating God’s PEOPLE THROUGH the Word of God, led by the Holy Spirit and operating under Jesus, His Son.

Therefore, All People Regardless Of Race, Nationality, Or Ethnic BACKGROUND Have The Right To Be Ministered To, Loved, And Brought Into Freedom.


  • Enrichment Educational Ministry

  • Young Adult Ministry

  • Children/Youth Ministry

  • Women’s Ministry

  • Men’s Ministry

  • Usher Ministry

  • Security Team

  • New Believer’s Ministry

  • Our House’s Kitchen and Closet Ministries

  • Praise and Worship Ministry

What We Believe

Pastors Donna And James Anthony
Pastors Donna and James Anthony

Come Worship and Serve With Us!

Deepen your relationship with God and invigorate your spirit! Join us for Sunday Morning Service and Wednesday Night Bible Study.

Marta Turner
Marta Turner

Great place to worship and they make you feel welcome.

Jackie Mac
Jackie Mac

The House of Worship Apostle, Donna Anthony is a true woman of God who lives the life that she preaches. She is led by the spirit of God and she obeys him and she preaches the true gospel of Jesus Christ that sets you FREE!The House of Worship is truly a place where the spirit of the Lord has liberty! Come and worship with us and have a life changing experience!!!

Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas

true praise and worship and a woman of God that is after God's Own Heart Apostle Anthony cares about God's people

Brenda Prowell
Brenda Prowell
She can bring the word! Amen.

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