For about two years now, we have had quite a number of people joining us online for worship on Sunday mornings. We have had people ask how they can join Pleasant Ridge House of Worship Church as they continue to engage online. We didn’t always have the best response, but now we do!


Online membership is for those who want to move from spectators to participants in what we do at Pleasant Ridge House of Worship as God continues to form us into an authentic expression of the kingdom of Jesus in the 21st century.

For online members, we will provide:

+ Online small group opportunities such as women’s ministry, men’s ministry, youth ministry, etc.
+ Prayer support at
+ A monthly zoom call with Apostle Anthony or other pastoral staff
+ Access to online liturgies, devotionals, and discussion questions to help you grow in faith
+ A member-only Facebook group for discussion and encouragement


We keep things relational here at Pleasant Ridge House of Worship, and we want to get to know you as you become an online member!


As an online member, we invite you to:

+ Engage in our Sunday morning live stream worship service
+ Pray for the church community, staff, and leadership
+ Participate in worship through online giving
+ Support PRHOW online with likes and shares on various social media platforms


We hope that as our online membership grows, we will be able to have break out zoom sessions where we can fellowship with our online congregation. We are excited about the possibility of what God might do with our online congregation. You can contact Apostle Donna Anthony with questions or comments at [email protected] or contact Apostle’s Executive Assistant, Kasondra Harris, with questions or comments at [email protected].


If you are interested in becoming a member of our online congregation, fill out the form below and one of our pastors will be in touch with you!